2011 Polaris RZR Front Differential / Front End Rebuild

Windfall Mounts

After recently replacing the drive shaft going into the front diff, we noticed a few problems related to the front end:

  • constant knocking and rattling
  • worsening turn radius - ball joints
  • iffy 4 wheel drive (bad front diff)
  • sagging shocks
  • worn breaks and wheel bearings
  • Axles kept popping out of front diff output hubs

1st: We decided to just completely rebuild everything starting with the front differential.  Once we removed it and opened it up we were shocked.  It was caked full of mud and rust!  It was just pitiful.  The front diff isn't terrible to rebuild however it takes time and youtube.  We purchased new seals, new output hubs with new bearings, new sprague bearing, and new inner drive shaft bearing.  Everything else was cleaned in kerosene and re-assembled.  We could probably make a 2hr video on the front diff rebuild alone.  It took us a while!

2nd:  After the front diff was reinstalled, we pressed new wheel bearings into the hub and replaced old brake pads with some slightly upgraded ones.  

3rd:  Huge improvement here... we replaced sleeves and bushings in all a-arms.  The new bushings completely removed the 1/4" side to side wobble in the a-arms and took care of the knocking and rattling.  Also finished up the a-arms by replacing the ball joints.

4th:  Before final assembly of everything above we install new axles and shocks to finish up the build.  The new shocks alone lifted the rzr 1.5"!  

Results:  No knocking and rattling, improved turn radius, functioning front diff especially with all the new bearings (no squealing), drastically improved ride (front shocks, bushings etc.)

We definitely spent some time and money on this rebuild however the improvements to our old RZR are just astonishing!  It's riding like a new machine.  I'm no pro and am learning as I go, but I'm happy to help with any questions!








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