2011 RZR Drive Belt Busted - Before and After

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This belt finally shredded after 9+ years of some rough riding!  A group of us rode a few Saturdays ago in some pretty deep mud and rode up some technical trails/ravines.  There was definitely a lot of stress on the belt especially since I got stuck in a mud pit. I made it home perfectly fine that night.  The next morning as I went to wash it, the rzr simply wouldn't move.  Red flag.  What's weird is that I made it home all good but the next morning it was stationary.  Beats me.

Shortly after, I got the rzr clean and immediately started tearing it apart.  We could get the machine into gear and engine sounded perfect so that led us immediately to the belt and or clutch.  

As you can see in the pictures, the belt was almost in pieces.  It had wrapped itself so tight around the shaft that it was pressing the clutch open.  As I gave it gas no wonder I wasn't going anywhere!  

I unwrapped all the shredded belt pieces and slowly watched the clutch compress.  Success.  We installed the new belt and were back off to the races!

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